1. Customers inform the details with the desired product or samples to sales
2. Conditions and period for formula development

2.1 The cost of developing the formula is 3,500 baht.
2.2 Order to produce a minimum of 30 kg. and an amount of 100,000 baht / time / bill
2.3 For development from the standard formula of the company, such as changing color, odor, and extract the period for developing the formula is 7-14 days.
2.4 For developing a new formula or from the customer's sample the formula development period is 14-21 days.
2.5 Send samples to customers with product data sheets and satisfaction assessment form
2.6 The customer completes the satisfaction assessment form. send  to sale staff proceed
2.7 For customer wants to improve .Sale staff Send the product  to RD develop new formulas.
2.8 Customers can improve the recipe 3 times for free. Except in the case of modifying the type of product

3. For customer confirms the formula RD carry out product stability test for about 45-90 days.
4.After the customer confirms the formula . Submit a registration FDA  request for a period of approximately 7-14 days.
5. Other details as in the case of using the company's standard formula according to clause 4-10

Conditions: Preparation of cosmetic production equipment for customer sends the equipment to the company
  • Packaging and cartons: 3-5% of the order amount
  • Sticker: 5% from order amount
Note: For customer does not send the packaging in to the company will deliver the product according to the actual package sent.
Note: For the remaining cosmetic production equipment the company will return with the product.
Condition: Product sample collection according to FDA .

Order 500 pieces, sample 2 pieces
Order 500 pieces or more, sample 4 pieces.

Service is One Stop Service, so customers can trust receive efficient service
Quality, convenience, speed, cost-effective price with minimal problems.

The process of branding and producing cosmetics For  standard formula


1. The customer selects the product from the company's standard formula price list. * Minimum order of production is 80,000 baht and 500 pieces per recipe.
2. Customers choose packaging. (Via email, choose by yourself at the company)
3. The staff will send you a quotation.When the customer agrees to order the product
4. Make 50% deposit payment before production according to the quotation.
5. Logo and Label Design  for customers  7-14 days.
6. Customer confirms  artwork logo and label design  via email
7. Request for FDA. Under the customer's brand 7-14 working days.
8.Starting to the production process, it takes no more than 30 days to produce (since the date of the production equipment is 100% complete).
9. Customers pay the remaining 50% when the product is finished. 3 days before shipment
10.Delivery Product

For new formula or amend clients sample formula, development

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